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    Veterans & Emergency Services



This program offers a compelling reason to explore evidence-based interventions for military veterans and others whose work environments included exposure to traumatic events. Equine-assisted activities have proven to provide improved quality of life, psychological adjustment to injury or disorder, increased social support, humanistic connection, and reduction of cost for continuing health care.




This program was specifically tailored to provide services that improve physical aptitude, emotional processing, social well-being, and mental stability through supportive leisure activities, connection, and quality of life. 

The nature of this program is to provide services designed to restore, remediate, and rehabilitate resiliency, functioning, and independence in life activities, overcome challenges, promote health and wellness, and reduce barriers caused by a disabling condition. 


This program allows you to embellish on how to identify, experience, and cope with emotions, find powerful ways to get in touch with thoughts and feelings, relate to others and build relationships, and expose maladaptive thought and behavior patterns by identifying life patterns through interactions.

Healing starts with a horse! This program provides new experiences afforded by the freedom that you fought to defend and preserve. At the same time, we introduce you to a new network of people, able and willing to support you. This is your chance to empower yourself to “close your eyes, clear your heart, and let it go”.

Equines have been found to be non-judgmental and overtly tolerant of human companions; a relationship rarely replicated by even other humans. Equine-assisted interventions demonstrate the importance of building trust in a relationship where rewards can be significant.

Because of their sensitive hearing and sense of feeling or touch, equines must be handled delicately, despite their substantial size. Through both voice and tactile commands, you can learn how to communicate through various stages of riding and produce an advantageous effect.

Nothing emulates the walking gait of a human more closely than the walking gait of an equine. Riding an equine improves core-strength and balance and is highly motivating for you to escape and feel acceptance without judgment. 


1.  Email the completed application to or download, print, and return the completed application to:
        Rock Ridge Retreat
        P.O. Box 190 71 St E
        Milltown, WI 54858

2.  Our staff will contact you once your application has been processed to notify you of our current availability.

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